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General advice about all things freelancing. Dealing with clients, organizing meetings and more.

Here's Why It's Important to Pre-Qualify Your Clients Before You Sign the Dotted Line on a New Web Design Project
Here's How I Took My Web Design Business and Tripled My Profits – Don't Sell Websites, Sell Results
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What to Do When A Web Project Goes to Hell in a Handbasket. Advice to Prevent You Losing Your Mind
Chasing Clients for Content Sucks - Here's 2 Ways You Can Put a Stop To It
Registering Domain Names on Behalf of Clients - Making Sure it's Registered in Their Name
Freelancing Friday - Handling Passwords, the Web Design Process, and What Software Is Best When First Starting Out
Handling Small Update Requests from Web Design Clients and How Best to Charge For Them
How to Prevent Web Design Projects From Being Negatively Influenced by Annoying Third Parties
15 of the Dumbest Things Web Design Clients Have Said to Me Over the Last 10 Years
How to Handle Client Meetings – 5 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
How Much Research and Preparation Should You Do Before Meeting With New Clients?
Is it Really Possible to Run a Web Design Business Whilst Still Working in a Full Time Job?
How To Start a Web Design Business – Should I Cold Call or Meet With Prospects in Person?
5 Common Mistakes That Web Design Freelancers Should Always Avoid
How to Get Web Design Clients Using the Power of Business Referrals
How Can I Get Web Design Clients If I'm Just Getting Started and Have No Portfolio?
Offering Free Web Design In Exchange For Services Might Seem Clever, But It Often Leads to Disaster - Here's Why
Getting Started In Your Own Web Design Business - Making the Transition From Your Full Time Job
How to Handle Website Maintenance for Clients That Insist On Doing it Themselves
Quick Update Regarding the New Website, Freelancing Friday, and a 50% Off All Products Special Currently on Offer
Freelancing from Home - What you Need to be Mindful Of As a Self Employed Web Designer
How To Choose a Killer Name For Your Web Design Business – 6 Tips To Ensure Success
How to Address Annoying and Continual Change Requests From Web Design Clients
6 Ways to Start A Web Design Business Without Having to Risk it All
How Much Experience Is Required In Order to Start Your Own Web Design Business?
Why Do Clients Often Expect Freelance Web Designers To Perform Work For Free?

Advice about how best to charge for web design, what pricing models work best, how to quote and more useful information.

What is the Best Way to Charge For Web Design? Hourly or Fixed Rate? Here's What I Do
How Best to Handle that Question That All Freelance Web Designers Struggle with During Client Meetings - How Much?
How to Successfully Set Your Rates as a Freelance Web Designer and Avoid Common Pricing Mistakes
How Best to Set up Ongoing Website Maintenance for Clients - Including How to Charge

A selection of articles covering contracts. How to prepare them, what to include and when best to use them.

Here's Two Ways I Prevent Scope Creep From Ruining My Web Design Projects
Web Design Contract - A Look At One of The Most Important Documents Any Freelance Web Developer Will Use
Preparing a Web Design Proposal - What Should You Put in it? How Long Should It Be?
3 Ways to Avoid Wasting Time Preparing Web Design Proposals with Clients That Aren’t Serious

Articles covering freelance web design software and applications designed to make your job easier.

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