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Freelancing Secrets - More Money, Less Work

Discover the exact strategies and techniques that can take your web design business to the next level in terms of efficiency and income

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Product Description

If you feel as though you might be struggling within your web design business working job to job, constantly chasing one client after the next, and you're keen to learn how to make more money, without any additional stress and hassles - then Freelancing Secrets is for you.

Freelancing Secrets, is the perfect guide for self employed freelancers that are looking for strategies and techniques to take their businesses to the next level. Unlike the Freelance Web Design Kit quick start business guide, Freelancing Secrets goes one step further, and cuts straight to the chase in terms of providing killer strategies and methods that you can implement right away to take your business to six figures a year and beyond.

The methods explained in this guide are an accumulation of 11 years worth of knowledge that has come from real world experiences. If you've had enough of worrying about finding clients, not getting paid on time or chasing clients for content, then this guide is for you.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • How to Seriously Maximize Your Profits
  • How to Prevent Refunds
  • How To Eliminate Contracts Completely
  • How to Get Paid 100% Before Doing Any Work
  • How to Prevent Chasing Clients for Content!
  • How to Automate and Streamline Your Business

Freelancing Secrets is a short, 49 page guide, packed with highly useful information that I'm sure will have an immediate impact on your business. I've purposely kept this guide short, and to the point, and saved you from any nonsense, hype or BS. If you're serious about making your business highly profitable, then grab this guide. Your business deserves it.

Freelancing Secrets Chapters

The 49 page Guide Covers :

  • Introduction - Overview of the guide
  • Chapter 1 - Developing and refining business systems
  • Chapter 2 - Building a team
  • Chapter 3 - How to make more money
  • Chapter 4 - Working smarter
  • Conclusion - Final thoughts

Freelancing Secrets Table of Contents:


  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Who is Freelancing Secrets For?


  • What is a Business System?
  • Why Should I Care About Developing Business
  • Build Systems with Intent to Outsource
  • Developing Systems


  • It’s Okay to Outsource
  • You Cant Build A Team Until You Implement Systems
  • How Many Jobs Are You Doing?
  • What Does Your Team Look Like?
  • How Many Hours Do You Really Have?
    • Working on your own
    • Working with a team
  • Identifying What You Should Outsource
    • Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses
    • What don’t you enjoy doing?
    • What skillsets don’t you have?
    • Resource limitations
    • What's consuming a lot of your time?
  • Where to Find Good Help
  • How To Hire Someone When You're Not Making
    Enough Money
    • How you can overcome this problem
  • Highly Profitable Examples
    • Ecommerce store - $3,360 profit (I did no work)
    • Small business website - $1,600 profit (I did nothing)
    • Fitness website - $1,130 profit (2 days)
    • Real estate website - $1,957 profit per sale
  • Training Your Assistants
  • What is the I, We, You method?
  • Mistakes to Avoid
    • Don’t hire the first person that comes along
    • Always use a work order


More Money, Less Worry

  • Maximizing Your Profits
    • Leveraging efficient systems
    • Repurposing for profit
    • Building your own systems
    • Selling the right solutions
  • Ramping Up Your Income
  • The Never Ending Cycle of Worry
  • The Wheel of Fortune
    • Why it’s So Powerful
    • The Difference In Income
    • The Power of Recurring Income
    • Always have multiple entry points
    • You decide
  • Be a Manager, Not a Web Designer
    • Outsourcing
    • Become an affiliate
    • Become an reseller
  • Listen to Your Customers


Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Additional Tips
  • Stop Continually Chasing New Clients
  • Get Paid First
    • What is the solution?
    • Selling to get paid in advance
    • Other types of methods
  • Doing Away With Lengthy Contracts
  • Preventing Refunds
  • Deposits Should Put You into Profit
  • Avoiding the Content Conundrum
    • Content Responsibility.
    • Clients want control over their own websites
  • Custom Websites – Charge High
  • Document Everything
  • Establish Standards
  • Get Organized
    • Whiteboard
    • Filing cabinet
  • Keeping Your Integrity
    • Always be honest with your clients
    • Don’t feel obligated
    • Automate Everything


  • Freelancing Guide Conclusion

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About The Author

John Romaine
Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer

Since 2004 I have been actively involved in the web design industry as a self employed freelancer, having built, improved and developed hundreds of dozens of client websites.

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