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Think Freelancing | Freelance Web Design Kit

Freelance Web Design Kit

The following is a comprehensive breakdown of my Freelance Web Design Kit. A perfect solution for self employed freelance web designers.

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Product Description

The Freelance Web Design Kit includes everything you need in terms of setting up and starting your very own web development business. Whether you're wanting to freelance from home, or start a small agency, the Freelance Web Design Kit is designed to help you fast track the overall process.

This kit contains a no nonsense step by step 201 page fast start business guide full of highly actionable content, with proven techniques and strategies for building a highly profitable web design business. In addition, this kit contains 69 ready made document templates, agreement forms, letters, spreadsheets and other necessary documents that will save you the hassle of having to prepare them yourself.

For a complete overview of what's included, please see below.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • How to Set Your Rates
  • How to Get Clients
  • 69 Ready Made Contract Templates
  • Learn the Client Meeting Web Design Process
  • How to Prevent Late or Non Payment
  • Straight Forward Sensible Business Advice

Business Guide Chapters

The 201 page Fast Start Business Guide Covers :

  • Chapter One - Why Freelance at all?
  • Chapter Two - Choosing the Right Business Model
  • Chapter Three - Business Plans
  • Chapter Four - Getting Started
  • Chapter Five - Money Matters
  • Chapter Six - How to Charge for your Work
  • Chapter Seven - Getting Your First Client
  • Chapter Eight - Web Design Workflow Management
  • Chapter Nine - Outsourcing
  • Chapter Ten - Book keeping and Accounting Basics
  • Chapter Eleven - Web Design Business Contracts and Templates
  • Chapter Twelve - Avoiding Customer Problems
  • Chapter Thirteen - Promoting Your Business With Press Releases
  • Chapter Fourteen - How to Make your Business More Successful

The Following Document Templates, Agreements and Contracts Are All Included

Domain Name & Hosting Documents

  • Client Domain Registration Details Document
  • Domain Name Prospecting Letter
  • Domain Name Registration Form

Legal Documentation

  • Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement Document
  • Copyright Authorization Form
  • Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Hosting Agreement Contract
  • Web Development Contract
  • Website Maintenance Agreement Contract

Office Documentation

  • Fax Header Template
  • Memorandum Template

Post Launch Testing Checklists

  • Website Quality Assurance Checklist
  • Website Style Guide Template

Signoff Acceptance Forms

  • Sign off And Acceptance with Seperate Hosting Contract
  • Official Handover and Project Acceptance Document

Web Design Contracts & Documents

  • Change Request Form
  • Web Design Invoice Template
  • Technical Specifications Document
  • Work Order Form

Web Design Proposals

  • Web Design Proposal Document (3 different ones to choose from)

Contractor Documents

  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Outsource Request For Quote Project Brief Template
  • Project Specifications Document
  • Website Access Authorization Form

Business Startup Checklist

  • Business Startup Checklist

Client Profile & Questionaires

  • Client Needs Analysis Form
  • Direct Debit Form
  • New Client Profile Form
  • Web Project Brief Template

Business Plan Templates

  • Business Plan Template
  • Business Plan Reference Sheet

Financial Documents

  • Balance Sheet
  • Break Even Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Budget Planner Spreadsheet
  • Business Financials Spreadsheet
  • Cashflow Forecast Spreadsheet
  • Startup Expenses Spreadsheet
  • Profit Loss Statement Spreadsheet

Business Prospecting Letters

  • Business Introduction Prospecting Letter
  • Business Special Offer Prospecting Letter
  • Business Hard Sell Prospecting Letter
  • Potential Client Referral Letter
  • Business Promotion Prospecting Letter

Cover Letters

  • Basic Proposal Cover Letter to Prospect

General Business Letters

  • Deadline Extension Request Letter
  • Failure To Meet Deadline Apology Letter
  • Regain Customer Good Faith Apology Letter
  • Request For Content Letter

Payment Fee Increase Letters

  • Fee Increase Letter
  • Overdue Account First Reminder Letter
  • Overdue Account Second Reminder Letter
  • Overdue Account Final Reminder Letter

Tax Financials Letters

  • Projected Business Earnings Letter
  • Tax Return Documentation Reference Sheet

Thank You Letters

  • Confirmation of Scheduled Meeting Letter
  • Telephone Confirmation of Scheduled Meeting Letter
  • Post Website Presentation Follow up Letter
  • Thanks for Choosing to Work with Us - First Steps and Invoice Letter
  • Thanks for Choosing to Work with Us with First Invoice Letter
  • Thanks for Choosing to Work with Us with Invoice and Agreement Letter
  • Thanks for Choosing to Work with Us with Next Steps Letter
  • Thanks for Choosing to Work with Us Letter
  • Thanks for Final Payment Letter
  • Thanks for Meeting with Us Letter
  • Thanks for Payment Letter
  • Thanks for Working with Us Project Completed Letter

Document & Contract Template Previews

All provided in template format - just fill in the blanks

Product Details

Title : Freelance Web Design Kit (2nd Edition)
Guide : Starting Your Own Freelance Web Design Business (201 pages)
Publisher: AboutWEB Publishing
Language: English US
Download Size : 13.1Mb
Template Documents (MS Word and MS Excel): 69 documents total
Editable : Yes (contract templates)
Country : Suitable for all English speaking countries
Availability : In stock. Instant Download
Access : Immediate upon payment
Refund Policy : No questions asked 100% money back guarantee
Suitable For : Freelance web developers, SEO consultants and self employed web professionals.
Filetype: PDF (guide/workflow chart) / .doc, .xls (contract templates) Files editable using Open Office for Macs
Product Type : Digital download. This is not a physical product.


List Price: $197
Price: $79 one time payment (includes all 69 document templates)
You Save: $100.00 (51%)
This is a downloadable product available exclusively.
Available Immediately.
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About The Author

John Romaine
Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer

Since 2004 I have been actively involved in the web design industry as a self employed freelancer, having built, improved and developed hundreds of dozens of client websites.

Included With This Purchase

The following 69 documents and contract templates are included with this purchase for a total cost (one time payment) of $79.