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Customer Testimonials

Here's what buyers of my products have to say - 100% unmoderated feedback.

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Customer Testimonials

Saved me a bunch of time

"I actually went to college to learn Web development. As part of the curriculum, there was a lot of focus on the project management side of things. John's Freelance Web Design Kit addresses things like effectively defining the project, preventing scope creep, and ensuring the designer stands the best chance of getting paid. What I especially like is that it pulls all of these things together in a way that is consistent and done in mostly layman's terms. I could have done this all myself... but I would have spent a lot of time doing it. Thanks, John! You saved me a bunch of time better spent finding clients rather than writing business plans, business forms, and contracts."

Alan Wilcox, Virtual Nexus Inc
Over-delivers and is under-priced!
"I am not a very bright person but the web-design business kit was a breeze to read and understand. It over-delivers and is under-priced. Thanks John"

Paul Guzman
Huge benefit !
"If anyone is thinking of starting a business, this is such a small price when they consider the huge benefit that they will receive from the product."

Paul Gunston
Qld, Australia
All in all 10 / 10!
"This startup kit is amazing, it's helped me so much. You get a serious amount of documents for the money - not just quantity either but pure quality as well. Also, the book is a fantastic bonus thrown in with the kit, that was a nice little gem to find! All in all 10 / 10."

Wow this rocks!
"There's nothing else on the net like this at this price. This kit is absolutely awesome. I can't believe the quality of the contracts and documents. They're fantastic. The book contains some invaluable tips and advice as well. Im feeling so much more confident about starting my business now, thank you!"

Adam Potter
Given me so much confidence

"I've been in my lousy job now for the past 7 years, and I've always dreamt of starting my own web design business. This is just what I needed to gain the confidence and finally make it happen. "

Andrea Jenkins.

I can't wait to start making more money!

"Some of the information in the book is going to dramatically improve my web design business. I can't believe just how badly I was quoting clients and undercharging for my work. I know now that I should stop wasting time with cheap clients and raise my rates."

Colin Matthews.
St Andrews

Definitely worth the investment

"I am usually skeptical about forking out this sort of money, but this package has surprised me. Im glad I did."

Sean Fowler.

Lousy clients
"I now know just how much time I've been wasting building sites for deadbeat clients. Infact I had two clients not pay me last year, and that cost me close to $5,000. With these contracts, thats not going to happen again"

Ross Ellis
New York


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