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About Me - John Romaine

A little bit about me, and my background.

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My name is John Romaine, self employed web designer, freelance seo consultant, and online marketer. I'm originally from Brisbane, but moved to Sydney back in 2011. My background is IT, having worked for both state and local government.

I got into web design back in 1997, and still remember writing my first snippet of HTML by hand in notepad. Soon afterwards I built my first website using Dreamweaver. I saved it to a floppy disk and went about running around at work showing everyone (yes, via floppy disk). I can't remember exactly what that website was, but I do remember getting very little sleep for several weeks.

Since then I've built more websites, content management systems, intranet systems and web based applications than I care to remember. Needless to say, I've now been involved in the web design industry for over a decade - both as a freelance web designer, and also as an employee within government.

In all of these years, I've learned quite a lot - especially the business related stuff as a self employed freelancer.

Sure, there's a lot to learn in terms of programming and coding, but when it comes to business - that's where a lot of people come unstuck. I now want to use my knowledge and experience to help other freelancers, just like you - to run and operate their own web design businesses, so that they can enjoy doing something they love and get paid for it.

That's what Think Freelancing is all about.